Sunday, February 13, 2011

organizing paint

Working as a TA and doing little random errands provides some inspiration when you really look into it. Was organizing paint to put away when took a few quick shots. Def not a photographer but it still seems prettyneat to me:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Clay days

I never put up a few final things and I feel as though I should, despite my class being over.

First day; Fist

The first day did go pretty smoothly, though I'm not a master sculpter by ANY means. My biggest issue was trying to find the right tools to get what i wanted. It also sucked that about 3/4ths into it I discovered the atomical INcorrectness of it and that was frustrating to work around. But all and all, it didn't come out looking too terrible. Good first attempt at molding clay I would say.

Project; Clay character

I had a hard time figuring out what object I wanted to "animate" so I asked my good table mate Amber to do it for me in trade for me finding her an object. It was agreed and we set off in search through out the WASH building. I found a glove, which she later animated into a Squidapus, and she found a cassette tape. Meet Carlton CassetteTape:

I definately love the way this charater came out. He looks a bit crude but that's alright, It was the concept of his character that I was more concerned about. Heavily, heavily inspired by this image:

Unfortunately though, I do not know who made this or where it was found. I had recieved it via USB from a friend a few years back. Just know that it is not mine.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12.3.10 Lecture Notes

Paintings 1950-1980s

After WWII America became a super power so art had to adjust

Abstract Expressionism (Action painting):
Jackson Pollock "Jack the Dripper"
-personality - LIFE Magizine - became a celebraty
-new "art stars" (first one)
-buyers began to change
-human being expressing himself
         "I am nature"
-the movements of man were beautiful (dancers knew this)
-Pollock had a working relationship w/ the people - like celebraty

Colorfield painting - no mark making. Just areas of color/
-look through a paint as a window, instead of at it
-art dealing was new

Acrillic paint invented 40-50s

The painted world - Tom Wolfe poked fun

Hard Egde: (Frank Stella)
-shaped canvas - very simple - "Where's the expression??" - neat and tidy
-nerd art

Op art:
-nothing to know about it. To get it you don't need to know anythinbg, it just is.

Pop art: (Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp)
-Andy was making everything famous
        -he wanted to make art like hamburgers


getting logo ideas~

Photo combinations:

Kathy suggested that I replace the Jack head logos with a real picture of myself. Gave it a try and I really liked, but I would like to actually draw it in my style instead of really realistic. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Writing Assignment: compare 3 pictures

*Parentheses show my inside comments. regular text is the actual analysis.

A picture taken by me of someone else:
a. To capture a moment/document a time: To show the interest of the subject in their surrounding.  (<-This and I just felt a desire to have a picture of him. We had gone to the Galleria of Dallas[which I have not been to since I was a kid] and it was kind of a special time that I wanted to have record of.)
b. The relationship is close: The Subject is not paranoid of a looming photographer, and the photographer takes care in making the subject look good. Could be friends or family. (This is my boyfriend Jake.)
c. I think it was intended for personal use, though it kind of looks something like street photography...kind of. It by no means is for advertisement because the subject would probably be more ingaged with the photographer if that were the case. It is meant to be used amongst friends and family.
 A picture taken of me by someone:
a. To capture a moment: opening of a present. (yeah, my friend gave me an early Chirstmas gift.)
b. Seems friendly: Could be a family or friend relationship. Subject is attentive to the photographer. (My good friend D'andra took this.)
c. Intended to be used amongst friends or family.
Random picture:
a. To capture a moment/document a time: The woman is driving a boat, possibly a rare event or an event new to the photographer. Could even be a documentation of the use of a new boat/rented boat/etc.
b. Seems friendly: Could be family or friends. The subject is smiling for the photographer and is not forcing a pose.
c. Intended for personal use amongst friends and family. Could not see this as a possible advertising photo or anything of the sort.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Inflatable Project

The original dome bubble house design was not all. So we had to scrap the whole thing because the bubble house had turned into more of a bubble of terror; It basically devoured you when you walked inside. The new cylindical design worked awesome though! Things were a little rough in the first few hours of the Inflatable Happening but in the end we got things together and I'm pleased with what we accomplished.

We gave it a test run before we left and, man, is it hard to deflate!

Setting up for the Happening

The outlet we were using got a little over worke and shut down on us!

Figured out a new power source with the help of another group. Finally back in business!
A few of our visitors: 


The bubble house was definately an evolving project. Over the course of the Happening we decided to take the bubble machine out of the house; The wind had caused the house to shift which caused the machine to flip. We took it outside and started to put balloons inside instead. In the end I think this was a better choice than the bubbles. Visitors had moer fun with the balloons than they could hve had with the bubbles.

Balloons flying
Looking out from the inside

11.19.10 Lecture and Reading

Contemporary Photography

-photography is very technologically dependent
-it captures an instant/documenting an instant of time
-Street photography: capturing things as they happen
-every picture has the viewpoint of the artist
-"The decisive moment" -Henri
1981 - Appropriation
-photography has always been taking something
-investigating yourself with play-acting
-theme of a photo: globalization. Sharing/adopting of culture
Constructing Worlds:
making things to document. Eleborate creation
-picture of a situation
-assume that its a real event
Stranger than fiction
Personal Investigation:
-darker sides
-quantity was more important than quality
People looking around
 Reading - Ch1

.photography invented in 1839
  -teach visual code
  -alter and enlarge our notion of whats worth looking at
  -are grammer/ethics of seeing
  -puts the world at our fingertips
.To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed
.Written words, paintings and drawing are all captures a reality
.frigile objects, easily torn and mislaid
.Furnished evidence. incriminates. proves things. Justifies
.Even when photographers are most concerned with mirroring relity, they are still hunted by interpatives of taste and conscience.
  -will take dozens of pictures of the same subject until they get what they want.
  -by choosing one picture over another, photographers are imposing standards or their subjects.
  -though pictures record reality, and harbor just as much interpretation as a painting or drawing
.1840s and 1850s sped mentality of seeing the world and a set of potential photographs
.photography implied the capture of the largest possible subjects
.democratize all experiences by translating them into images

.First cameras(made in France in the early1840s) were only operated by inventors and buffs.
  -no professional photographers, nor amatuers
  -no clear social use
.It was through the industrialization that photography came into its own art
  -provided social use be continued